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Dick C
Lower back issues As always Jamie accommodated me with an office visit on short notice. I’m always impressed with her skill and knowledge and left feeling a whole lot better. Can’t wait until my next treatment!
Melissa S
More than a massage A hidden gem! I have had many massages by many different people and Jamie, by far, gave the best massage I've ever had. I told her about my problem areas and she knew exactly what my body needed. I get weekly migraines from tension that I hold in my upper back/shoulders area. My shoulders are constantly creeping up right under my ears. After she was done with just one session my posture had improved, my neck was more elongated and my shoulders were in their proper place. I didn't even have to force it; I was naturally able to hold my upper body up. I've already booked my 2nd appointment for next week and I can't wait to be able to see and feel how I continue to improve. FINALLY I found someone that cares about helping me reach my goals. Highly recommend.
Ashlee S
Best massage I feel so much better!! It was as if my muscles could tell her what to do and where to go. I strongly recommend Jamie and will definitely return.
Tom B
Awesome I had some wicked knots in my upper back and set up an appointment with Jamie. I left a changed person! She is a real professional.
Patricia C
Great massage Excellent knowledge
Best place around! Loved loved my experience here. Jamie is knowledgeable and takes the time to know your situation and gives back great advice. Definitely will be back regularly!
Tina D
Massage My back massage was amazing. Will definitely go back.
Healing Jamie is great at working out kinks and uses the right amount of pressure that is comfortable for you. Highly recommend her!
Great I felt really good after my session with Jamie. This was my first visit and immediately after I was feeling sore but that soon went away after a few hours and doing what Jamie said to do with hydration. My next session should be much better. She is very nice. Has a pleasant and calming voice. I would recommend
Laura L
Very Comfortable Thank you Jamie! It was a pleasure to meet you yesterday and I was very impressed with your professional approach to my customized massage!
Alfred S
Excellent Massage Jamie is a body mechanic. She reads your body and provides a detailed tune up that is unique to your needs and wonderful.
Bonnie R
Massage Jamie is AMAZING! I highly recommend working with her for chronic back spasms & muscle pain.She is very caring, compassionate, knowledgeable & professional. I have been dealing with lot of stress causing back, neck & shoulder pain. Working with Jamie has helped me tremendously with range of motion. I am seeing Jamie 30- 40 mins weekly to decrease the muscle spasms. SHE IS AMAZING!
Michelle C
Fantastic! Jaime has done an awesome job on me. She hit the muscles that have been giving me issues for a long time. After my first visit, I could tilt my head side to side. I did the 60 minute this week. Wow! She had to get serious but it is so worth it.
Bonnie R
Massage Amazing massage! I Highly recommend! Jamie is very knowledgeable about the overall health, healing, relaxation of the mind & body. Very professional & comfortable atmosphere. I will be returning.
Donald K
Highly recommended Always walk out feeling better! :)
Isis Latham
Therapeutic Massage I was looking to open up my shoulders and back so that I could get the greatest benefit from the strength training I am doing 5 days a week. In just two 30 minute sessions Jaimie accomplished this. Thanks for making a difference that lasted. Thanks!
Jamin K
Great massage therapist Jamie works with each individual to identify problem areas and find the best method for correcting any problems!
Michelle G
Excellent Excellent
Stephanie M
Very professional & overall excellent Lower back/back
Mike P
Awesome Jamie does an amazing job
Wendy P
Awesome Jamie is super nice and very knowledgeable
Jamin K
Excellent body work! Jamie is learning what your body needs and fixing it as painlessly as possible!!
Helped me so much my doctor is sending patience to her. She fixed in two sessions, a problem my Dr., Chiropractor, and physical therapist couldn't help me with.
Rebecca N
I will be back! Great space, amazing massage! This was my first experience having Jamie give me a massage. Walking in I thought I wanted a relaxing one but decided to have her work on a few areas as well. SO glad I did! It was amazing and I will definitely be back!